Google local search shopping experience
Improving search results and UI experiences
• Concepting new design patterns
• Prototyping user flows
• Cross platform UI design
• Research new shopping verticals
The Challenge
Shopping through Google provides a unique experience allowing customers to search where it's most convenient for their needs. Google’s shopping platform expands through an entire ecosystem of specific apps (google search, google maps), Web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge), Operating systems (Android, iOS), and devices (phones, tablets, & laptops). The challenge is to create a unified experience that both improves the overall usability when shopping while highlighting and providing the most relevant content for the products that the customer is looking for.
Google Search sidebar navigation
Interactive sidebar used to dive deeper into the product you are looking for. This is a unique shopping experience for desktop users.
Google maps shopping experience
Searching through maps can provide a unique experience by giving you a precise destination for the product you are looking for. This experience helps you to find both the product and place to purchase that is most convenient for your area.
Google car shopping experience
Working to introduce a new shopping category for cars. This experience was designed to give the best UI filtering system given you have so many options when looking for a car.